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    Determined to create high-quality, cost-effective products, and continue to
    create maximum value for customers.

  • Bionic Tree Communication Tower

    Bionic Tree Communication Tower

    The tower is a 30-meter bionic tree of Inner Mongolia Branch of China Unicom Co., Ltd. (refers to the height of the tower, two antenna support layers are considered in the design, each antenna support includes three poles, the design refere...

  • Municipal one-way fence

    Municipal one-way fence

    The one-way elbow zinc steel fence (D type) adopts the assembled integral frame structure. The mesh and the column are connected by a semi-circular head and square bolt, and the anti-theft washer is used to effectively prevent the isolation barrier fr...

  • Stadium Fence

    Stadium Fence

    The stadium fence network is also known as “Stadium Fence Net” and “Hooker Fence Net”; it is a new type of fence mesh product specially designed for the stadium. ...

  • Road Fence

    Road Fence

    Road fence is made of low carbon steel wire, aluminum and magnesium alloy wire and welded by specific mechanical equipment. The grid structure is simple, easy to transport, and is not limited by topographic relief. It has strong adaptability to mounta...

  • Three Tube Communication Tower

    Three Tube Communication Tower

    The new three-tube communication tower includes tower base column, horizontal pole, oblique pole, antenna support, lightning rod, tower post socket. 1. T echnical Standard Standard for design of steel structures(TJ17-74). 2.Specification...

  • Integrated Base Station

    Integrated Base Station

    The integrated base station includes the armored engine room part and the lifting tower lifting rod part, and belongs to the technical field of mobile network base station construction in the communications industry. The computer room and t...

  • Corporate Culture Core

    emphasizing practical results,perfecting management,improve quality,realistic and innovative;

    Corporate Core Values - The Pursuit Of Excellence

    Focus on our business and listen to what our customers think.



    Corporate Culture Core - The Spirit Of Enterprise

    Honesty - the basic requirements of a man to do things, to do things in advance, honesty is the best policy...Modest - modest benefit, full of trickery, with patience urgency, not afraid of loss, modest, kind, not proud, not enemies, non-confrontation, courteous treatment of others; not by necessity;Seriously - to enable enterprises to break through the limit, you can get excellent and perfect results;


    corporate vision

    To become the world's leading communication tower supplier, how big the heart, how big the stage, we use sweat bearing the past, so hope to lead the future, with full enthusiasm to write brilliant movement.



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